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Stu Shulman

Amherst, MA
Dr. Stuart W. Shulman is the founder and CEO of Texifter. Stu was formerly a UMass Amherst political science professor and the Vice President for Text Analytics at Vision Critical. Dr. Shulman is the sole inventor of the Coding Analysis Toolkit (CAT), an open source, Web-based text analysis software project, as well a text analytic network known as DiscoverText (discovertext.com). His latest invention is Sifter, a tool for researchers who need self-serve access to the complete undeleted history of Twitter (sifter.texifter.com).

Entrepreneur, US Soccer National C licensed ODP and NEFC coach, proud @NERevsAcademy parent, CEO @Texifter, inventor of @DiscoverText, and taoist garlic grower.