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#GenderEquity - An Analysis of Digital Protests for Pay Equity in Women's Sport
#GenderEquity - An Analysis of Digital Protests for Pay Equity in Women's Sport
Sport has long been a conduit for societal debates on important and often contentious issues. Historically, mainstream media has played a key role in producing and framing what is “acceptable” and “normal” in matters relating to equity and diversity. Women have recently made significant gains in sport with more opportunities and recognition yet professional women athletes still struggle to receive “equal pay for equal play”. While mainstream media continue to play an important role in how the gender equity debate is framed, the emergence of digital media has the potential to disrupt dominant relations of power providing the potential for meaningful change (Hutchins & Rowe, 2013; Wenner, 2015)._x000D_
In the past few years, women athletes have used digital media platforms to highlight issues of pay inequality by creating movements that the public can coalesce around. This study seeks to understand how individuals have responded to various social media campaigns for pay equity from women athletes. Responses to social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be analyzed to identify themes in SM users’ reframing (Nisbett, 2010) of these activism campaigns. The results will contribute to understandings of the responses of SM users to issues around pay equity in sports.

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