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Monday, July 11


Social @ The Rose (optional)
Please join us for an informal social gathering at: 
The Rose, 
272 New Cross Road,
London, SE14 6AA. 

The restaurant can be reached directly at 020 8692 3193

Full Menu available here

Monday July 11, 2016 19:30 - 21:30
The Rose 272 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6AA
Tuesday, July 12


Poster Reception
Location: PSH (Professor Stuart Hall Building) - Weston Atrium, 
Goldsmiths, University of London, Building 2
Campus Map 

  1. Allison Levin: "Fan Engagement on Twitter: The Role of Influencers in Leading the Conversation"
  2. Anatoliy Gruzd, Jenna Jacobson, Elizabeth Dubois, Nick Lin: “Challenges and Opportunities of Doing Research with Social Media Data”
  3. Anika Batenburg and Jos Bartels: "Keeping Up Online Appearances: How Self-Disclosure on Facebook Affects Perceived Reputation Among Colleagues"
  4. Ansgar Koene and Andrew Moffat: "Public Outreach Evaluation Tool (POET): defining the reach of social media activities"
  5. Bahareh Heravi, Arkadiusz Stasiewicz and Pablo Torres-Tramon: "RTE News 360"
  6. Bahareh R. Heravi, Ihab Salawdeh and Natalie Harrower: "The Social Repository of Ireland"
  7. Caroline Halcrow: "Testing a method of measuring online/offline community (O/OC) using the model SPENCE"
  8. Chen-Ta Sung: "Mediating Guanxi: Practices of Friendship Managements through Polymedia in Contemporary Taiwan"
  9. Chih-Ping Chang and Ying-Jun Lin: "A journey of (re)understanding the “228 Incident” on Facebook: The intersection of social media and the construction of personal knowledge production"
  10. Chris Allen, Ivaylo Vassilev, Anne Kennedy and Anne Rogers: "Long-Term Condition Self-Management Support in Online Communities: A Meta-Synthesis of Qualitative Papers"
  11. Claudine Bonneau and Viviane Sergi: "Making Backstage Work Visible on Twitter: Towards a New Way of Working"
  12. Cristina Rosales Sanchez: "Twitter data as indicator of Active Citizenship"
  13. Daiji Hario and Kenji Yoshimi: "Finding the man who is profitable or not : An algorithm to predict online rating behavior"
  14. Emily Eyles, Frauke Zeller, David Harris Smith, John Eyles, Debora Silva de Jesus, Daven Bigelow and Lauren Jay Dwyer: "Virtual Hamilton: A Virtual, Interactive Urban Planning Environment Using macGRID"
  15. Esther Brainin and Efrat Neter: "Offline gender roles replayed in online health behavior among older adults in Israel"
  16. Jennifer Gerson, Anke Plagnol and Philip Corr: "Subjective well-being and social media use: Do personality traits moderate the impact of social comparison on Facebook?"
  17. Jiang-Liang Hou and Chia-Lin Han: "Visualization Of Opinion Distributions With Respect To User Profiles"
  18. Jill Hopke and Luis Hestres: "Urgency to act on climate: Blurring boundaries of journalism and advocacy on Twitter during #COP21"
  19. ---------
  20. Kenji Yoshimi and Daiji Hario: "What is the effective use of social media in sports ? : A case study of Japanese professional football teams"
  21. Kristen Mapes: "Limits of Expression(s): Methodological Problems in Archiving Twitter Data"
  22. Marc Esteve Del Valle, Anatoliy Gruzd, Caroline Haythornthwaite, Sarah Gilbert, Drew Paulin: “Social Media Use in Teaching: Faculty Use in Higher Education ”
  23. Ming-Hsiang Tsou, Chin-Te Jung, Christopher Allen, Jiue-An Yang, Su Han, Brian Spitzberg and Jessica Dozier: "Geo-targeted Event Observation (GEO) Viewer for Situation Awareness with Advanced Mapping and Visualization Functions"
  24. Oliver Ellis: "Political Speech and Audience Response in the Age of Social Media"
  25. Patrick McHugh: "Firm Provenance and Strategic Action in Equity Crowdfunding"
  26. Priya Nambisan: "User experience in Social Media: Impact on Mental health"
  27. Richard Hamshaw: "A frame analysis utilising media and social media sources: The 100 chefs incident"
  28. Satish Nambisan: "Digital Entrepreneurship and Social Media: A Demand-side Approach"
  29. Shih-Yun Chen: "Opinion Leaders or Opinion Followers: the Changing Leaderships in Social Networks"
  30. Shuzhe Yang and Anabel Quan-Haase: "People’s sentiment with regard to the right to be forgotten"
  31. Simon Hudson: "Taking social media listening to a new level: a case study"
  32. Sofia Rüdiger and Daria Dayter: "Online reports of seduction: When your informants don't trust you"
  33. Zrinka Peharec: "A quest for one “self”"
  34. Christopher Wheldon, Jiang Bian and Richard Moser: "Surveillance of HPV-related vaccination discourse on Twitter in the United States: A case study of Kansas and Rhode Island"

Tuesday July 12, 2016 16:30 - 19:00
PSH (Professor Stuart Hall Building) - Weston Atrium Goldsmiths University, Building 2
Wednesday, July 13


Wrap-Up/Social (self-organized)
Wednesday July 13, 2016 17:00 - 19:00