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Ansgar Koene

University of Nottingham
Senior Research Fellow
Ansgar Koene is a Senior Research Fellow at the Horizon Institute for Digital Economy Research (University of Nottingham). He has a multi-disciplinary research background, having worked and published on topics ranging from bio-inspired Robotics, AI and Computational Neuroscience to experimental Human Behaviour/Perception studies. Prior to joining Horizon, Ansgar worked at the University of Utrecht (Utrecht, the Netherlands), INSERM (Lyon, France), UCL (London, UK), ATR (Kyoto, Japan), NTU (Taipei, Taiwan), University of Sheffield (Sheffield, UK), RIKEN BSI (Tokyo, Japan) and University of Birmingham (Birmingham, UK).
Within Horizon Ansgar is a lead researcher on the CaSMa (Citizen-centric approached to Social Media analysis) research theme and the Policy Impact agenda.
As part of his work for CaSMa, Ansgar initiated and is leading projects on “Conditions for Consent“, a “Public Outreach Engagement Tool (POET)” and initiated the successful bid for EPSRC funding for the “UnBias: Emancipating Users Against Algorithmic Biases for a Trusted Digital Economy” project.
As part of the Horizon Policy Impact agenda Ansgar is actively seeking out local, national and international policy initiatives that can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the Horizon Digital Economy Research institute. As part of this work Ansgar has submitted written evidence to UK parliament inquires on numerous occasions, is a member of the Nottingham Policy Research Impact Network (NPRIN) and participates at various national and EU conferences related to Digital Economy policy (e.g. Digital4EU).
You can find Ansgar on Twitter (@arkoene), Facebook (/arkoene) and LinkedIn (/akoene).